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Our Missions Cole Health is committed to bringing hope and changing lives here and around the world. In doing so, we have partnered with multiple foundations in providing life-changing experiences that leave lasting impacts on their community. Through these partnerships and our mission trips, Cole has touched the lives of hundreds of children in need.


Cole Health’s initiatives in China were nothing short of amazing thanks to our partnership with International China Concern (ICC), a China-based non-profit that operates orphanages across the country for children with disabilities in areas of high need. Cole’s team of Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapists worked alongside ICC’s global staff in Hengyang, where they evaluated approximately 135 children in their 7-day stay. With therapy being a fairly new profession in China, the Cole team placed great focus on educating fellow therapists, teachers, and care givers, implementing changes in how many of these children were cared for. They also shared fun moments taking the children on field trips to a local park, which was big deal for a lot of the children since some only leave the orphanage 1-2 times a year. The trip was a massive success that improved the safety and quality of life of many of the children.


Through a partnership with Casa de Fe, a haven for abandoned and special needs children in the heart of the Amazon, Cole Health’s team of Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapists evaluated and treated approximately 60 children. While there, the team also had the opportunity to visit the new facility, which was in the process of being built, to assist with the placement of permanent structures to meet the specific needs of the children, help them perform their daily routines and let them live more independently. With the help of many local donations, Cole’s team was able to bring adaptive equipment to aid the children in improving their positioning and gait. The equipment included braces, splints, walkers and quad canes. As a result of both the treatment provided by the therapists and the equipment, children were able to return home with their families.


Cole Health celebrates great triumphs in our efforts of helping to serve the community of Chichicastenango, Guatemala. Through our partnership with ASELSI, a non-profit Christian ministry working to equip saints with access to healthcare clinics and schools, Cole’s select team of Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapists were able to help numerous children through a series of therapy techniques, including sensroy sensitivity reognition, feeding, and language development. With education being one of the key components of this trip, the team not only evaluated in-house patients, but provided hands-on training in oral and visual motor skills for teachers, therapy assistants, and parents in surrounding areas.


With the help of our valued contact, Coreluv Orphanage, a non-profit ministry partnering with communities and orphanages across Haiti, Cole Health’s select team of Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapists set out for a mission of service in Myan, Haiti. The team worked alongside nursing assistants in the Myan Health Clinic, each evaluating dozens of patients within their 8 hour work days. The team sought out creative ways to introduce and familiarize the children with therapy techniques they’ve grown accustomed to back home, and also taught in-house nannies how to maintain these techniques, keeping the children active and engaged. The team is preparing for their second trip later this year.


Through collaboration with Hope House International, a California-based organization that operates boys and girls orphanages in Vellore, India, Cole Health has helped teach families and cultures how to help their own children, via in person training and over the Web. Throughout 10-day trips to India, the Cole Health clinical team of Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists were able to provide critical pediatric therapy to the children of both the Ranipet and Tribal Homes. The team not only provided training for the staff at the homes, but also assisted local government officials in the design and planning of daycare facilities to better equip special needs children. With two trips complete, the team plans to return each year.



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